About the project

The “Transatlantic IPR Collaboration“ project aims at translating two strategies into action to tackle the problem of counterfeiting in third countries as well as the uncoordinated variety of policies.

These are:

  • Providing a comprehensive analysis of current IPR policies in the EU and US as well as of current small and medium enterprises (SME) programs for IPR protection, thus enabling the EU and US to define concrete areas of enhanced mutual cooperation and cooperation with SME in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy; The analysis shall provide EU and US policy makers with a solid basis for future policy decisions.

  • Increase public awareness in the EU and the US by preparing a communication strategy to address the dangers of counterfeited products, the need to act against IPR infringements and to reduce the number of buyers of such products.

Key expected results and their use:

  • Influence on EU and US policy makers in regard to their future approach on how to act and react concerning IPR infringements in or derived from third countries.

  • Influence of EU and US policy makers in regard to their future communication on IPR infringement issues.

  • Influence on public awareness regarding IPR infringements and purchasing of infringing products.