April 27, 2009

Panel 1: State of Affairs: Counterfeiting and Piracy

This panel explores the current extent of counterfeiting and piracy with a focus on the economic impact, current and emerging distribution networks and scenarios for the future evolution of counterfeiting and piracy.

  • John Taylor, Counterfeit Policy Officer, Head of Unit, Directorate General
    Taxation and Customs Union

  • Anissa Witten, Motion Picture Association of America

  • Alex Theil, President, Harvest Moon International

  • Danny Scorpecci, Principal Economist, Structural Policy Division, Organisation
    for Economic Co-operation and Development

Moderated by: Laurent Manderieux, Professor of IP Law, General Coordinator
Transatlantic IP Summer Academy, Bocconi University

Panel 2: Cornerstones of U.S. and EU IPR Policy: Combating Counterfeiting &

This panel discusses the main pillars of both U.S. and EU policies to combat counterfeiting and piracy with a focus on where policies are similar and where they diverge–and why. An emphasis will be placed on current transatlantic and international cooperation as well as future trends.

  • Luc Devigne, Head, IP Unit, Directorate General for Trade and Co-Chair of U.S.-
    EU IP Working Group

  • Stanford McCoy, Assistant USTR for IP and Innovation, Office of the U.S. Trade

  • Jean-Baptiste Barbier, Anti-counterfeiting Advisor, French National Institute for
    Industrial Property

  • Knut Blind, Professor, Chair of Innovation Economics, Berlin University of
    Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research

Moderated by: Brad Huther, Senior Director, Global Intellectual Property Center,
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Panel 3: IPR Policies in Rapidly Emerging Economies

This panel discusses whether and how countries such as China, India, Russia and Brazil responding to the challenge of protecting intellectual property rights. The panel further explores how the IP policies of these countries are impacting the global discussion on IP protection.

  • Thomas Pattloch, EU-IP Officer, Delegation of the EU to China

  • Stephane Passeri, EU-ASEAN IPR Cooperation Program

  • Richard Kjeldgaard, Vice President International Policy, Pharmaceutical
    Research and Manufacturers of America

  • Michael Ryan, Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School

  • Kira Alvarez, Deputy Assistant USTR for Intellectual Property Enforcement,
    Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Moderated by: Chris Israel, Managing Partner, PCT Government Relations & Former
US IPR Policy Enforcement Coordinator