April 28, 2009

Panel 1: Communicating the Value of IP

This panel discusses communications strategies and public awareness campaigns to combat counterfeiting and piracy and elevate the importance of IP to economic growth. How important a role do these campaigns play in various cultures?

  • Richard Maulsby, Senior Public Affairs Official, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

  • Felix Addor, Deputy Director General, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual
    Property and Vice President of STOP PIRACY–the Swiss Anti-Counterfeiting and
    Piracy Platform

  • John Tarpey, Director of Communications, World Intellectual Property

  • Geoffrey Yu, Senior Specialist Advisor, Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
    Vice Chairman IP Academy of Singapore

Moderated by: Jeremy Philpot, Head of Innovation Support Unit, European Patent

Panel 2: Industry Responds to the Challenge

This panel explores how industry, both large multinationals and SMEs, have responded to the growing threat of counterfeiting and piracy from the brand and/or patent owner to the retail outlet.

  • William Mansfield, Director for IP, ABRO Industries

  • Mandy Haberman, Chief Executive Officer, Haberman Associates

  • Tod Cohen, Vice President, Government Affairs, eBay

  • Christine LaCroix, Managing Director, Aktion Plagiarius

  • Sebastian Helmreich, Economic Lawyer, Head of the China Contact Point of the
    Action Group against Product and Trademark Counterfeiting

Moderated by: Andy Cifranic, Brand Manager, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

Panel 3: Dangers of Counterfeiting, Piracy and Other Restrictions of IP Rights

This panel discusses and illustrates the danger to consumers, businesses, and governments of counterfeiting and piracy. What impact does IP theft and nonvoluntary restrictions of IP rights have on innovation and economic growth? How are jobs and industry brands compromised?

  • Marc Wiesner, German Engineering Federation

  • Greg Treverton, Director, Center for Global Risk & Security, RAND Corporation

  • David Reid, Professor, Seattle University

  • Stefano Soro, Head, Consumer Affairs, Directorate General for Health and

Moderated by: Matthew Bassiur, Federal Prosecutor, Computer Crime & Intellectual
Property Section, U.S. Department of Justice