AWS is the federal bank specialising in Austrian business promotion. With a staff of about 230 people AWS is the largest Austrian service provider for evaluating and financing technological inventions. The main aim of AWS is to strengthen the domestic business location and the competitiveness of its companies as well as to secure jobs on a long-term basis. AWS offers subsidies and financing for Austrian enterprises, advice in all phase of company growth, and support to procure innovation and technologies. AWS is well established internationally and supports projects in more than 50 countries. AWS runs offices in Washington, Brussels and Shanghai.

PLM (Patent & License Management) is the business unit of AWS responsible for patenting issues and for commercialising intellectual property by means of technology transfer. The core business of PLM is the implementation of innovative projects. Amongst its various services, PLM defines itself as a vital link between R&D and industry, identifying commercial applications for promising products and processes developed by Austrian scientists.