EUROCHAMBRES forms one of the key pillars of business representation to the European institutions. It represents, serves and promotes over 19 million enterprises in Europe through 45 national associations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and a European network of 2000 regional and local Chambers. EUROCHAMBRES’ mission is:

  • To strengthen the voice and position of European Chambers as significant, respected, valued influencers of EU affairs on all major economic issues.

  • To develop the participation of European Chambers in projects of value to business.

  • To work as a network, delivering network services to their members, developing a European network of services for enterprises, and to strengthen the European Chamber network through linkages and joint programmes.

EUROCHAMBRES’ vision is an enlarged competitive Europe where:

  • entrepreneurial behaviour is promoted and rewarded,
  • the legislative and physical environment for profitable business is the best in the world,
  • SMEs are encouraged and supported,
  • competition is free but fair and which is open to free and fair trade with the rest of the world.