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26.05.2008 | A Question to the American Presidential Hopefuls…
Obama, Clinton, McCain…Blair, Merkel, Rasmussen, Juncker…no doubt about it, 2009 will be a year of political change, new faces, new offices, and new policies on both sides of the Atlantic. European policymakers continue to talk about reviving the so-called ‘Lisbon Agenda’ and an array of new proposals and grant programs to kick start research and development and European innovation emanate from the Commission on what seems a weekly basis. The Competitiveness Council, which will meet on May 29 - 30, has put various ’innovation industrial policies’ such as the new Lead Market Initiative and the siting of a new European Institute for Innovation and Technology at the top of their agenda.
Given the integration of the transatlantic economy and the number of innovative companies with deep roots in both markets, it’s important that policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic not develop new policies and regulations in isolation. So, with America’s economy and stock markets continuing to give everyone heartburn; it makes me wonder what America’s Presidential hopefuls are thinking when it comes to fostering an innovative economy? Does anyone know? It would be easy to say “of course the U.S. candidates support innovation–who doesn’t” — but does that mean they are prepared to champion the policies that turn election promises into action?



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