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14.10.2008 | EU Council IP Update

Last week the Council of the European Union – the principal decision making body in the EU – adopted a very encouraging resolution on a comprehensive European anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy plan. In the most relevant parts, the Council’s official document makes explicit connections between strong IPR protections and creative forces of the society, consumer protection, health, cultural diversity and global competitiveness. It empowers the Commission to bring all these disparate stakeholders to the table to appreciate the value of IP and find ways to protect it.

Specifically, the Council expressed:

Its awareness of the seriousness and the worrying growth of counterfeiting and piracy for the competitiveness of the EU and its businesses, creative forces and consumers

Its awareness of the risks involved in counterfeiting products and that this phenomenon poses a health and safety hazard

The importance of protecting IPR and these rights are fundamental to promoting culture and diversity, and for drawing full benefit from the research, innovation and creative activity of European undertakings, especially SMEs, in order to support economic growth, jobs and global competitiveness

The need to mobilize all stakeholders to boost the effectiveness of protecting IP and combating counterfeiting and piracy on the internal market and internationally

In particular moving forward, the Council invited:

The Commission to establish a European counterfeiting and piracy observatory

The Commission and the Member States to submit appropriate proposals to encourage public/private sector partnerships to combat counterfeiting and piracy and to recommend good practice

The Council further reasserted its right to negotiate ACTA, and emphasized the importance of strategic efforts at the enforcement of IPR in Third Countries as well.

KAlley| 14.10.2008


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