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30.07.2008 | Fake Music and fake Underpants (article from Die Presse: Falsche Musik und falsche Unterhosen)
Product Piracy - Customs and Market Surveillance are fighting against counterfeited goods.

In the article "Falsche Musik und Falsche Unterhosen" (Fake Music and fake Underpants) at "Die Presse" the problem of product piracy has been emphasized: In Rotterdam - the biggest port in Europe and the third biggest worldwide - tons of containers are landing per year and up to 60% to 70% of the products are fake. The European production industry is suffering from these fake products which for 95% are made in China followed by Thailand and Turkey.

Here is the article in German: Falsche Musik und Falsche Unterhosen

MVuong | 30.07.2008


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